​​​​​​​​Revenue Recovery is Online & Paperless! 

Revenue Recovery Online Portal​ 

Monthly paper statements will be eliminated soon!  However, you can still view them online.

You will need your account number, SSN​ and Date of Birth to establish a profile.

Revenue Recovery Online will allow you to:

Manage one-time or recurring payments

Set up Payment Reminders​ - so you never forget to make a payment

Set up Paperless Billing - save time & paper by receiving your statements immediately via email

View your statements and payments - anytime and anywhere

To sign up go to Revenue Recovery Online​

Revenue Recovery Online Portal - Self Help Guide.pdf

​The County of Sacramento Department of Finance, Revenue Recovery (DRR), collects revenue for the County and other government entities, certain Court ordered fines and fees, restitution payments owed to victims of crime, aid over payments, and any other obligation referred to Revenue Recovery.  Our service reduces the burden of payment on taxpayers by holding debtors accountable for payment, and collects revenue for the County effectively and efficiently.

Note: Revenue Recovery does not collect Child Support or ​Property Tax payments.

Modification of Sentence​ Based on Ability to Pay

If your case is currently in collections and your ability to pay has changed since your last hearing or sentencing, you may be eligible to request a modification of sentence of your traffic fines and fees.  For additional information and to obtain an Ex Parte​ Application for Modification of Sentence, please visit the County of Sacramento Superior Court of California website.

Professional and Specialized Collection Services

Revenue Recovery is the designated Financial Evaluation Officer for the County pursuant to GC 27750, and provides professional billing and collection services and accounts receivable services including:

  • Billing, cashiering and general collection,
  • Assessing ability to pay and collectability of debts,​
  • Obtaining and enforcing judgments on delinquent accounts,
  • Processing accounts to the Board of Supervisors for Relief of Accountability,
  • Consulting on ways to improve revenue collections throughout the County. 

Unclaimed Payments

Revenue Recovery may have unclaimed payments that are due to you as a result of not having a current address.  Please visit Revenue Recovery Unclaimed Payments Portal​​​ and search for your name.  If you locate a claim due to you, please contact Revenue Recovery at (916) 875-7815 and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Claimant's Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (Current and Previous)
  • Phone Number
  • Amount of the claim
  • DRR Account Number
  • Court Docket Number
  • Date of Order
  • Defendant's Name
  • Proof of Identity (Driver's License or ID Card)
  • Proof of Payment:  Copy of check, money order receipt, or credit card confirmation number
  • Information regarding the incident (case information)